Before discussing its excellent nutritional quality, Bibimbap’s significance in Korean culture is worth a mention. Korean dining typically involves a large selection of individual side dishes served along with rice and soup. On the contrary, everything you would normally get on a table - side dishes, seasoning, and rice – is all in one bowl in Bibimbap, offering a much more convenient and personal dining experience.




Now add to this the mostly-vegetable side dishes and other meat or seafood toppings that contain a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients, Bibimbap is an ideal, complete meal with convenience and nutritional variety built in from the start. Bibimbap is perfect for today’s busy and health-conscious consumers. This is why Bibimbap is one of the most successful in-flight meals and has become a regular on Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, and Lufthansa flights.

As the franchise expert in traditional Korean food, Bonjuk succeeded in popularizing traditional dishes to both casual and health-conscious consumer groups and now operates more than 1,000 stores. With Bon Bibimbap, Bonjuk has a perfect match between its item, brand perception, and the founding philosophy – with the right local partner, Bonjuk is ready to make Bibimbap available on every corner!




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